Monday, October 04, 2010

Tis the season!

Yesterday was the nicest day ever! Okay, maybe not ever but most definitely the nicest day anyone living in Melbourne has seen in awhile. It was sky, temps in the low 20s (I wore shorts!) and only the odd pretty cloud. We met friends in the Botanical Gardens near our house for a relaxed day of doing...well, not too much! Hanging in the park is definitely an Australian favorite thing to do and it was so wonderful to see everyone out and about drinking in the fabulous day!
We had lots of "nibblies" as I like to call them. I *love* nibblies! One of my favorite things is when everyone brings snacks (nothing too fancy) and we just dig in and enjoy.
Me, sans a sweater or a jacket or even any kind of sleeves at all. It's amazing, especially considering I am always cold. I do have very pale arms at the moment though. Those babies haven't seen sun in months!
Steve-O hanging in the grass.
Friends...Micheal and Alida...

More grass hanging. It was all very relaxed. It was nice too because the guys have been working a lot lately and deserved a good veg out!
Also in true Aussie fashion, we played a little with the cricket bat and ball. Wow, it's tough hitting a ball with that thing. It's nothing like a baseball bat at home. Steve found this out the hard way. How many tries does it take a Canadian to hit a ball with a cricket bat? Lots. ;)
Alida, on the other hand...well she's an Aussie and gave it a pretty good go!

I'm looking forward to many more outings like this in the months to come. Nice weather, good friends and yummy food...what a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


HulaBuns said...

Nice pictures! Looks like a beautiful day to hang out with friends outside. As a side note, I'd like to say that I should never be able to even attempt Cricket...I'm certain *someone* (read: ME) would get hurt somehow. lol

Cari said...

i feel the same way...i don't even really trust myself to be a spectator...if anyone will get whacked with the ball, it's me! :)

Angela said...

LOL! What a suprise is hacking into the cheese

Angela said...

Geoff I meant Geoff! Damn you fever!