Friday, September 17, 2010

Time out.

Just want to let you know that I'll be away from this space for the next couple of days. Can you believe that I'm still sick? I went back to the doctor today and I have to repeat both types of antibiotics and start using a puffer for my cough. I have been coughing so hard, I managed to crack (possibly even fracture!) a rib. I didn't even know that was possible but it sure does explain the horrible pain I've been having in my left ribs! Steve and his cousin are away until Tuesday night on a little Aussie adventure (so sad to be missing it!) and I think I'll take advantage of the down time with lots of rest and puppy cuddles. Hopefully, I'll be back next week feeling much more myself! Have a great weekend everyone! xo


Clotilde said...

Hope you get better real soon.

I've popped a rib before. Apparently between the bones is cartilage and I popped the cartilage up by coughing. I was 18 and it never went back in so I still have a lump on my chest. :(

I hope your rib mends well!

Shannon said...

Feel better Cari :)

Tracey said...

Feel better soon. Sending you virtual chicken soup.

Dan said...

Oh no, still sick and popping ribs, that's no fun :-(

Hope you get better soon Cari.

All the best


Nick and Mariana Vona said...

I hope you get better soon Cari!!!
You really need some time out with all your illnesses and lack of energy you've been suffering.
Hopefully the pain of your rib goes away soon....

Lauren said...

I'm sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better!