Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A sense of confusion

This wreath has been hanging on our front door since the beginning of autumn (early March). That's kind of sad, seeing as it's a fall style wreath, but winter here kind of feels like a very long, extended autumn, so it seemed okay. I decided it was finally time to make a more spring like wreath and kiss this one good bye. Even though, technically, it still feels right because well, we'll be heading into October soon and isn't October all about these colors? Confusion.
So, I made this wreath for a spring time feeling. I wanted something pretty and cheerful. It was only as I was finishing it and about to hang it on the door that I remembered that Halloween is coming soon and I should have made a wreath for that. Who needs spring colors when it's all about to be black and orange and scary stuff? More confusion.

How can it be that I'm hanging spring inspired wreaths when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner? It seriously throws me off. I can't remember birthdays anymore, it's all mixed up with the seasons. Holidays, forget it. Total confusion. I've been in Australia for almost 4 years and still haven't worked out a way to make all this confusion feel back in balance. Seriously, what's a girl to do?


Visible Voice said...

I still get confused that you talk to me in tomorrow and I talk to you in yesterday. And yes we should have a phone chat. I have people here today (and probably tonight) for sure so today isn't good. When is it good for you this week? Send me an email!

HulaBuns said...

This is equally as confusing to me, just so you know. Love the Spring wreath, but it's just getting to be Autumn here - so, here the autumn wreath would work for me. But the autumn wreath is more Halloweeny, so that could still work. Like I said, I'm confused also.

Maybe hang them both up? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just came across your blog from Krisit's (Visible Voice) and wanted to say I love that wreath!!! We are moving into a new house in 2 weeks, and I think something like that would great at our new home....thanks for the idea!

Cari said...


Just to give credit where credit is due...the original tutorial for this wreath was found on this website ages ago...

I have made a few wreaths like this and have mentioned the tutorial on my blog in the past but if you're new to the blog, I should really mention it again:)

Good luck with your move! Thanks for reading!

Tracey said...

A girl could move back to Canada. I imagine there are a few people there who miss you. :)