Sunday, September 13, 2009


So, I know I said I'd post but then the charger for our laptop stopped working, leaving no way to charge the laptop, therefore leaving me with no laptop at all. I'm dying without my daily blogging fix (both mine and others!). I feel like I've had so much to share! We bought a universal charger yesterday and it doesn't work, so now we have to order one. I have no idea when we'll get it. I'm posting this from our crappy old laptop, which randomly keeps skipping around as I type, putting my words where they shouldn't be. I'm about to scream!!!!!!!!! There it just did it again! Screeeeeeeeam!!!

In other news...I tried to make some phone calls home and for some reason the phone isn't working. Steve has to call about it. That made me scream too!

Oh and did I mention that our sky light in the bathroom blew off on Friday night? Yup, nothing but sky when we looked up. We had to call the State Emergency Services and they put a tarp over it. Hopefully, the rental agency will send someone to fix it this week! Screeeeeeam!

All this to say, I might be out of touch for awhile!:)


Visible Voice said...

Yeah friend see that's a really rough go! I'm missing the fun Cari ideas, inspirations and cute stories! I'm gonna come beat that darn computer up!

Anonymous said...

When you get a phone call me.


Mariana said...

Cari, that doesn't sounds too good, but the good thing is that you have the Purdy's on visit this week :) tomake you cheer up! :) Enjoy the company..