Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring in Australia. I've been seeing the signs of it all over! It's really nice to be living in a place again that shows such distinct signs of a new season. In Brisbane it was kind of just warm and hot. Here, flowers are blooming everywhere, buds are turning into leaves all over, the days are getting longer and I wake up to the birds singing outside our window. I loved spring in Canada and this reminds me a lot of home. In honor of the special day, I sewed some placemats today with a really pretty butterfly fabric I found ages ago on sale. I also snapped this photo from the car, so it's not the greatest, but you can see how beautiful the trees are these days! Once it actually starts to warm up a bit more, I have big plans for a little flower garden and a cozy spot to sit outside this summer. The countdown begins to the day when I can wear sundresses and sandles again! It's all just so exciting:)


Jim said...

That's great news guys, but that means it's the first day of Autumn for us. I'm jealous ;)

Really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up! :)

Visible Voice said...

I wanna see pictures of the place mats!

Clotilde said...

Very cute post... may I remind you this post of last year though:


We did feel spring here too. Especially that day it was 35.4C!