Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On Sunday...

...we got up, got ready and headed to Mont Tremblant, planning to spend the day in the village, having lunch and admiring the fall colors ( However, we didn't make it because the traffic was INSANE! We went 40 km/hr. for one hour and didn't see any let up in site! AND this was on the 3 lane highway! So, seeing as it is a 2 hour drive going at normal speed, we gave up and had lunch in the village close to St. Saveur and did a little shopping. Still ended up having fun...Here's a few pics I snapped from the car as we drove through the beautiful Laurentiens. This first pic is actually in the village by St. Saveur, just outside the restaurant where we ate lunch.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Thanks for taking the time to keep it going.
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Drennans said...

Umm I love that you go on picture worthy adventures. Oh and I am really going to work on the Yoga thing!