Monday, May 30, 2011

First 10km Run!

Yesterday, Steve, our friend Ange and I did the 10km Sri Chinmoy run. I wasn't sure how I'd go because I had never actually ran 10km but Steve stuck with me and as always was very encouraging and helped to keep me motivated. I really enjoy running with him, he's very supportive and inspires me to try harder. My iPod also helped to keep me moving! A good playlist goes a long way when you're running!
The run was really nice, near the ocean with really great views of the city skyline. It also took us through Williamstown, an adorable little town that I'm hoping we can go back to explore sometime soon.
This was us chilling out after we came across the finish line. Ange and that guy standing behind her (Geoff :) got engaged the night before the run, so they were pretty happy! We were pretty happy for them...they make a really great match!
There was lots of love in the air this weekend, with friends getting engaged and Steve and I celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. I'll be posting our annual anniversary photo soon. This is Steve and I after we came across the finish line.
And by far, the best thing about doing runs is going for brunch and coffee afterwards! We went to Fraus, a crepes place known for their hot chocolate. There were a million flavors to choose from and it comes served in a giant cup, more like a soup bowl than a hot chocolate mug. Definitely a meal you can enjoy much more after a good run that works up a good appetite!

Next fun run is July 31st. Let's see how we go between now and then! :)


MacPurdys said...

Congrats on the run Cari!! I like just having some time to myself. :) Relaxing.

Kaserine said...

WOW! Very inspirational. Good job Cari!xox

George said...

Excellent! Way to go sis!